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No-Scratch IndestructiBelt®


The IndestructiBelt® is versatile.


The No-Scratch IndestructiBelt has no buckle and is made with heavy duty hook and loop making it the best no-scratch belt on the market. Will not absorb water, oil, chemicals, or dirt and other harsh environments. If you worry about leaning on painted, delicate, or metal conducting surfaces than this is the solution for you. Mechanics, car detailers, electricians, or other tradespeople love this belt and they avoid buckle issues. No holes ensure a perfect fit and don't worry about getting it wet or dirty because it cleans up with soap and water.


Our No-Scratch IndestructiBelt comes in a standard width of 1.5" that fits through standard belt loops. We've created this belt with heavy-duty military grade hook and loop for high-strength hold. This is the ULTIMATE no-scratch IndestructiBelt belt!